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Feminews Special Edition:

Feminews Special Edition

LPSA has published its first Newsletter for the mandate 2019-2020 titled: Feminews Special Edition

It includes articles submitted by LPSA members about female heroes, females' health, female-related medications, socio-economical issues, as well as motivational articles.

LPSA Newsletter:

This Newsletter includes interviews conducted with university professors and professionals in the field from all over Lebanon, about advice and recommendations that they have for us, eventually helping us to grow as future pharmacists. In addition, part of the interviews are conducted with LPSA members who are still students. LPSA believes that these interviews will be very helpful to all of us as they inform the Lebanese community of soon-to-be and recent graduate pharmacists on life after graduation as they expose our Lebanese community of healthcare professionals to the pharmacy profession as seen by the eyes of professors and students. In addition, the interviews will also expose a number of our LPSA members to the outer world through their reflections and thoughts on their lives and career paths. It also includes articles written by LPSA, addressing diverse medical issues in the Lebanese community, in addition to any new medical innovation including drugs and therapies. Our goal is to allow pharmacy students to speak about current pressing issues and get our message heard to other associations of IPSF across the world. LPSA Newsletter also includes the latest news from IPSF and its most recent collaborations with other associations worldwide.

LPSA newsletters are published on LPSA's page within the famous digital marketing and magazines website, issuu.

You can find the monthly published LPSA newsletters issues at: https://issuu.com/lpsanewsletter

Quizzes and Competitions:

Quizzes are pharmacological/medical questions published monthly on our Facebook and Instagram platforms, presented in many ways as "Guess the Disease", "MCQ", "Guess the drug" and Instagram stories MCQs and polls about a specific topic. Quizzes increase the engagement of our followers by delivering informative facts and data in a funny way.

Competitions are challenges that let LPSAers to express their abilities on many ranges, not pharmacological ones only, to encourage and support their talents such as photography, poetry, singing. They are organized every other month where winners also win prizes.

EMRO Video Competitions:

The Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office of IPSF organizes competitions between the member organizations of the region about a specific topic with known rules. And LPSA has participated distinctively in such competitions as: Mental Health Project, International Women's Day Competition, Antimicrobial Resistance Competition...

Online Debate:

Online Debate is an online discussion on a controversial pharmaceutical or medical topic through video call meeting.

It aims to generate effective critical thinking into primary issues in the given topic. It provides the participants multi-faceted knowledge cutting across several disciplines outside their normal academic subjects. And it Increases their confidence, poise, and self-esteem.

Students are provided the topic by email and through LPSA's social media platforms. They participate by filling out a form sent to them by email. Before research and preparations, debaters are acknowledged of the structure and the rules of the debate, and they are assigned a position to debate with the other debaters. Following the online discussion, the winners are chosen upon an assessment rubric.


The main aim of this initiative is to educate the pharmacists community in Lebanon and worldwide about the most recent drugs-related medical news. That includes new drug approvals, new indications for conventional drugs, new drug safety issues, new releases of therapy guidelines, counseling tips about specific drugs, etc.

Pharmacast uses an audience friendly, video-taped, "newsroom-podcasts" format to prepare the current and next generation of pharmacists, in their diverse practice sites, to be always upfront in relation to the continuous evolution of their field. Each episode might include an interview with a pharmacy professor to discuss further one or more topic presented during the episode.

Pharmacast episodes are published once monthly on our Youtube channel.

Daily Medical News:

LPSA always strives to keep the public society updated of the latest updates in the medical field with relation to their general health, and disease-specific lifestyle preventative interventions. In addition, through these daily medical news series on our Facebook and Instagram channels, LPSA keeps the healthcare professionals community always up-to-date with the contemporary medical/scientific innovations.

Online Campaigns:

IPSF Public Health events calendar is full of world healthcare days, each of which is highly worthy of spotting highlights on its importance in the lives of each person living on this planet for their well-being and prosperity. However, unfortunately, we cannot accommodate to tackle each world healthcare day as an offline, community-based event or campaign due to many limitations. Therefore, we always work, at our best potentials, to utilize our social media platforms, i.e. Facebook and Instagram, to cover those events by compiling videos from experts in the field related to the topic of that event and we publish them successively over a period of few days to raise awareness on that specific health-related topics.

You can find examples of our online campaigns in the following links: World Pharmacist Day Breast Cancer Awareness Day

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