Lebanese Pharmaceutical Symposium

The biggest meeting of all LPSA members in one place, under one vision, producing rare results

The Lebanese Pharmaceutical Symposium (LPS) is the flagship of the LPSA every year in August. It is a national symposium that gathers all pharmacy students and recent graduates from all 5 schools of pharmacy across Lebanon in one place.

The symposium is spread over two days and consists of:

Opening Ceremony:

Introducing LPSA/IPSF and a brief overview of our all-year ongoing projects.


Workshops are given by Pharmacy Professors, healthcare professionals, and Life Coaches.

Workshops that happened in the previous two symposiums:

"Parkinson's Disease" Current Research and Therapy, 10 Leadship Lessons from 30 Years of Pharmacy Practice, Be The Architect of Your Own Success, Communication Skills for Pharmacists: Meeting The Needs of Patients, Role of Pharmacists in Antimicrobial Resistance and Stewardship, Lifespan And Health-Span, It's The Destination Not the Journey, Create Your Destiny, Trends of Business in the Pharmaceutical Industry, The Pillars of Success in the Pharmaceutical Corporate World: Reaching Excellence. Research: Novel Career Horizon for Pharmacists.

Competitions: Clinical Skills and Patient Counseling Competitions

General Assembly:

The General Assembly is where all voting on changing LPSA bylaws take place in addition to the election of the new board members for the next mandate.

Gala dinner:

The Gala dinner is where official prizes are distributed, photographing takes place, and socializing finds it best way.

Our Fifth LPS is coming, stay tuned!

A sneak peek of our 4th LPS:

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