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LPSA Members: International Citzens


In 2014, LPSA has become a member-in-association position in the International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSF). Two years later, LPSA has received its full membership in IPSF at Zimbabwe, 62nd World Congress, in August, 2016. Since then, LPSA has full voting rights in the IPSF General Assembly and is actively participating in most of IPSF activities, regional symposia, and world congresses. The International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation was founded in 1949 by eight pharmacy student associations in London. Currently, IPSF international family has more than 500,000 pharmacy students and recent graduates in 90 countries worldwide are members. IPSF member associations hold annual set of projects that promote the improvement of its members' skills and fostering the prosperity and welfare of the global societies. These projects fall into 4 categories: Public Health, Professional Development, Pharmacy Education, and Student Exchange Program.

1- Pharmacy Education:

  • Publicationss: The Pharmacy Education Portfolio has two main Publicationss: Pharmacy Education Newsletter (PEN) and Phuture.
  • Competitions: The main competitions include the Poster Competition, held during IPSF Official Events (Symposia and Congresses), and the Critical Essay competition, held in collaboration with FIPed) International Pharmaceutical Federation Education).
  • Research: The Pharmacy Education Portfolio undertakes various research projects.
  • Internships: The Federation releases calls for Internships with several partners, such as the World Health Organisation, Alliance for Health Promotion, and International Pharmaceutical Federation among others.

2- Professional Development:

  • CSE (Clinical Skills Event)
  • Compounding Event
  • Pharmacy Profession Awareness Campaign (PPAC)
  • Leaders in Training (LIT)
  • Trainers Development Camp

IPSF Official Events:

1- World Congress:

The World Congress is the main event of the Federation and usually lasts for 10 days. They have been held yearly since 1961. The first conference happened in London, United Kingdom at 1949, and the first Congress happened in 1957 in Mosney, Ireland.

During the World Congress, the activities that must happen are:

  • Official Opening Ceremony
  • General Assembly
  • Workshops
  • Symposia of Scientific and Educational Nature
  • Meetings of committees

The main activity of the World Congress is the General Assembly (GA), where the elections of the Executive Committee happen, approval of reports, changes to the Official Documents and any matter from the members or Executive Committee take place.

2- Regional Symposia:

Today, four Regional Offices organize a Regional Symposium yearly, and they usually last for 7 days.

  • African Regional Office – African Pharmaceutical Symposium (AFPS)
  • Asia Pacific Regional Office – Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium (APPS)
  • Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office – Eastern Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Symposium (EMPS)
  • Pan American Regional Office – Pan American Regional Symposium (PARS)

The only obligatory activity of the Regional Symposia are the Regional Assemblies. However, they usually resemble the World Congress. LPSA is part of EMRO region, and thus participates in the annual EMPS, by sending out official delegates and regular members representing LPSA, just like what happens with World Congress.

But this year is unique and extraordinary one. Since Lebanon will host the 8th EMPS!

3- Regional Offices

The IPSF Regional Office is a functional extension of the IPSF Executive structured by elected pharmacy students from IPSF member countries of a specific IPSF region, forming Regional Working Group. Its mission shall be to advance and support the aims and objectives of the Federation at regional level.

  • African Regional Office (AFRO) – Established in 2008
  • Asia Pacific Regional Office (APRO) – Established in 1999
  • Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (EMRO) - Established in 2008
  • European Regional Office (EURO) - Established in 2013
  • Pan American Regional Office (PARO) – Established in 1999

IPSF Associations Events:

In addition, IPSF member associations continuously organize international pharmacy-related conferences, symposia, and workshops to which they invite all the members of other IPSF member associations to attend these marvelous and highly rewarding scientific and professional gatherings.

An example of an event in which two of LPSA members (Joelle Jabbour and Rouba Nasser) have participated in January, 2018, is the 2nd International Pharmaceutical Week (IPW) that took place in Indonesia, Jakarta. IPW is an event for pharmacy students, lecturers, etc. from all over the world. This event includes interesting activities such as symposiums, workshops, various night events, and a lot of opportunities.

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