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  • Leading by serving, Achieving through passion.
  • Go International, Go Spectacular.
  • Public Health and Individual Development is our calling.
Leading by serving, Achieving through passion.1 Go International, Go Spectacular.2 Public Health and Individual Development is our calling.3
About LPSA

LPSA was established in 2014 and received the IPSF (International Pharmaceutical Students Federation) membership in association at the 60th IPSF World Congress in Portugal. IPSF includes around 500,000 pharmacy students and young graduates from 90 countries worldwide.

LPSA is a social, non-political, non-religious and non-profit association that comprises students from the five pharmacy schools in Lebanon :
Beirut Arab University (BAU), Lebanese American University (LAU), Lebanese International University (LIU), Lebanese University (LU), and University Saint Joseph (USJ).


The main aim of the association is to unite all pharmacy students around Lebanon, allow them to learn from one another, and share experiences together through organizing and taking part of many healthcare events.

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Student Exchange Program

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The International Pharmaceutical School Federation (IPSF)

Student Exchange Program (SEP) has been one of the longest standing and most popular IPSF initiative since the formation of the Federation in 1949.

The International Pharmaceutical School Federation (IPSF) Student Exchange Program (SEP) has been one of the longest standing and most popular IPSF initiative since the formation of the Federation in 1949.

Student Exchange Program (SEP) is one of the main activities in IPSF. It is a mobility program that gives students from all over the world the opportunity to get to know pharmacy in a different country. The member associations of IPSF organize the exchanges by finding host sites where the students are trained. The program runs throughout the year, but the majority of the exchanges take place between May and September. The length is usually 1 to 3 months, and possible host sites include retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, wholesale companies, pharmaceutical industry, pharmacy schools, government, and private health agencies. The host may also provide room, board and/or pocket money in addition to the training site in order to help the student.

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Member associations of IPSF are eligible to be part of SEP. A member association in a particular country accepts students from exchange year each year, and can then send out students for exchange. For every 2 students accepted, 3 students can be sent out.

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Students who are in university and majoring in pharmacy are eligible for SEP. Keep in mind, the student must be a member of IPSF too. Unfortunately, graduated students cannot participate in SEP.

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Students who are accepted to participate get to choose up to 3 countries they wish to go to If accepted, their exchange is arranged through the student exchange officer in the host country. The student is responsible for:

  • All finances during the trip (SEP Grant application available)
  • Visa application. Student will receive an invitation letter from the host SEO
  • Liability for all actions

If not accepted for an exchange, students are eligible for an 18-euro refund.

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Each student is required to pay the IPSF SEP fee of 42 Euros.

Member associations may charge more, however, additional fees must be approved by the Chairperson of the Student Exchange.

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Area of possibilities:

  • Community pharmacy
  • Research pharmacy
  • Industry
  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Clinical Pharmacy

Length of training periods:

  • Minimum 2 weeks and maximum 1 month

Available months:

  • December, January, February, June, July and August
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Meet LPSA Board

Ms. Israa El Sayed


Head of Policy Committee

Mr. Ismail Jomha

Vice President

Head of Outreach Committee and Professional Development Committee

Ms. Maha Fansa


Head of Secretariat Committee

Ms. Hilal Al Kadri

Public Health Chairperson

Head of Public Health Committee

Mr. Rami Baz


Head of Fundraising Committee

Ms. Mariam Alkhatib

Media and Publications’ Chairperson

Head of Media and Publications Committee

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